Books for the curious

Bluetrain makes exceptional quality books and everything that's needed to build them. Be it archive research, photography, art direction, design, reprographics and retouching of images through to special processes, print, packaging, press-passing and arranging final delivery.

Why Bluetrain? It's a long story, but the original Bluetrain (or Le Train Bleu) ran from Calais in Northern France via Paris to the Mediterranean coast. It was in operation from 1886 until 2003. It took folks from the frozen north to the Côte d'Azur for well over a century. In the 1950s and 1960s Bluetrain became the nickname for the best cycle racers of the time and during the winter Six Day track events the Bluetrain would rock up at the last minute and win all the prizes, it seemed a fitting moniker adopted by the lesser-known riders for their rivals. We're also big fans of John Coltrane and Johnny Cash in the Bluetrain office and they both made records using the name and so the list goes on – we've simply borrowed the name from all these folk who have gone before and done great things with Bluetrains.

And who doesn't love a long train journey in style?